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The purchase story

As I am restoring an old Peugeot 203 , I meet, firstly by e-mail, some people, lovers of this car. Then, some of them become my friends, and as they own old running car(s) in order to go to some old timers meeting, I was frustated that I can't do the same… Then, I read regularly the small advertisements on website, looking for an interesting car, in operating condition, before being able to drive my Peugeot 203.

As I like the Peugeot, from a lot of time (my childhood being rocked by Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 and 405 T16 in Group B rally and Paris-Dakar races, notably driven by Ari Vatanen), I was naturally searching for a Peugeot car…

Few months after, I read an ad for a Peugeot 504 coupé. I easily obtain some pictures of this car from the owner. I finally decide to go to see this car. In order to minimize risk, I am accompanied by Didier, a MSN discover friend, owner of a convertible and large expert of these cars. The visit is held well, and the owner propose me to drive the coupé on the road. It's the first time I drive a coupé 504 !

The business is concluded ! I will be the new owner of this coupé 504 !

I drive the car at home two weeks later, the time for me to regulate the problems of insurance.

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